Alimony / Spousal Support

Protecting the financial Stability of Your Family

Financial insecurity is a major fear of families going through a divorce case. Alimony serves to provide fair payments for spouses with significant income disparities. Contact an alimony attorney at the Shimmell Law Offices, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to learn more about Michigan spousal support laws.

Alimony awards issued by the court vary greatly. The court can issue temporary or permanent alimony, and payments may occur monthly, or in one lump sum. Property settlements also serve to equalize disparities in income and potential earning capacity. Lawyer Dennis Shimmell will advise you on:

  • Healthcare issues
  • Modification and enforcement issues
  • Financial need of the parties
  • Parties ability to pay alimony

The process of determining the appropriate amount of alimony requires a thorough investigation of the assets and liabilities of you and your spouse. A major consideration in awarding alimony is your need and your spouse's ability to pay. To determine accurately your spouse's ability to pay, our firm will conduct a complete investigation of your spouse's income, assets, and liabilities.

Factors that figure into an alimony award can involve complex issues. Business valuations, stock holdings, investment properties, and other things can affect the amount of alimony awarded in your case. We concentrate on evaluating all specific factors that can affect your financial future.

Every spouse is entitled to alimony. It is important to make sure the court considers all relevant factors in making its determination. One important way to protect your interests is by hiring an experienced attorney who will fight for you.

To learn more about collecting alimony following a divorce, contact the Shimmell Law Offices, for an initial consultation. We represent people in a divorce throughout Western Michigan, including people in Holland, Muskegon, and Grand Haven.