Grand Rapids-Area High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a pivotal event from a financial perspective as well as a major personal and emotional challenge. If you have built substantial wealth in the course of your marriage, earn or contribute to a high household income, or want to do everything possible to protect specific assets, the experience and resources of your attorney can make all the difference.

Rigorous Defense Of Our Clients' Financial Rights And Futures

Aside from child custody and parenting issues, disputes over money and property are the most contentious aspects of divorce. The property settlement you receive, whether spousal support is awarded, and other outcomes of your case may seriously impact the rest of your life. With more than 20 years of experience across the spectrum of family law negotiations, dispute resolution and litigation when necessary, Dennis Shimmell is well-equipped to serve as your high-asset divorce lawyer.

Representation For Business Owners, Executives, Professionals And Their Spouses

At Shimmell Law Offices in Grand Rapids, we approach high net worth divorce cases with extreme diligence and integrity. Attorney Shimmell emphasizes:

  • Genuine attentiveness to each client's most important objectives, such as retaining a home or other real estate, ensuring fair division of investments or protecting a business in divorce
  • Thorough research and strategic planning, in collaboration with skilled accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts and other professionals as needed to develop the strongest possible positions and evidence
  • Maximum effort to reach a fair, relatively efficient settlement through skilled negotiation or mediation — backed by full-scale preparation for trial if the opposing party will not cooperate

Our legal team is prepared to deal with all your concerns, however complex. These may include establishing that certain assets are nonmarital and belong to you alone, assessing whether a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is valid, and many more. To schedule a personalized, productive consultation with attorney Dennis Shimmell at a time that works for you, please call or email us.