Property Settlements

Equitable Division of Assets and Debts

During a divorce, marital property division can be handled in one of two ways. You can leave the decision to the courts, allowing a judge to determine how your property should be split, or you can work with your spouse to make these important decisions.

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Helping Clients Effectively and Efficiently Divide Property

People come into a marriage with varying amounts of personal property that may be subject to property division. Equitable property division is not necessarily equal distribution of the debts and assets.

Sometimes spouses agree to the terms of property division prior to a divorce, by drafting a prenuptial or marital agreement. These agreements will expedite the division of property. More commonly though, marital property must be divided as part of the divorce.

When possible, we encourage our clients to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. If you give the court the right to divide your marital property, the judge will divide your assets and debts, without necessarily considering all of the factors that are relevant.

If instead you are able to work with your spouse and come to an agreement, you can create a mutually-acceptable arrangement. Although we realize this can be difficult, we have extensive experience navigating complex disputes, and we can effectively represent you.

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