Child Custody

The Best Interest of Your Child

Children need constant protection against the emotional stress that a divorce can wreak. One of the most challenging decisions in a divorce concerns the custody and visitation arrangements of your children. No other decision facing parents during a divorce is more important to resolve amicably than the custody of a child.

At the Shimmell Law Offices, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our child custody lawyer concentrates on protecting your rights, while at the same time protecting your children. For more information about your custody and child visitation rights, contact us for an initial consultation.

Child Custody

In Michigan, child custody involves two parts. The court must determine legal custody, and physical custody. Legal custody means a parents ability to make important decisions for a child. A parent has physical custody when a child physically resides with that parent.

Child custody is determined by examining all the circumstances concerning your family and their relationship with each other. The overarching principle the court employs to make these determinations is the best interests of your child. The parents or the court must make whatever decision is in the child's best interest.

Visitation Rights Parenting Time

The court will usually grant the non-custodial parent visitation in most circumstances. Unless there are signs of abuse or neglect, you should receive visitation rights and/or parenting time. The determination of visitation rights resides solely with the court.

Attorney Dennis Shimmell concentrates on obtaining fair and appropriate custody and visitation orders in your divorce. We encourage you and your spouse to sit down and agree upon these decisions before trial. When no agreement can be reached the court will weigh many factors to achieve that which is in the best interest of the child.

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