Child Support

Fair and Appropriate Financial Awards

Children should not pay the financial price of a divorce. They deserve to enjoy the same quality of life they would have received if your marriage lasted. Child support is the way the court ensures a child has the things they need to grow-up in a fulfilling and healthy environment. Contact a child support attorney at the Shimmell Law Offices, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to learn more.

Child support is determined through the Michigan child support guidelines. These guidelines attempt to provide a unified framework for awarding child support. It considers a number of factors including the:

  • Income of you and your spouse
  • Number of children you have to support
  • Amount of parenting time awarded to you and your spouse
  • Spouse who has physical custody
  • Cost of healthcare and daycare

It is crucial in awarding child support to determine the true incomes of you and your spouse. Often times this is a complicated task. Especially when your spouse is self-employed or a small business owner, it is important to investigate their finances thoroughly. We will determine if your spouse is intentionally unemployed or underemployed in order to avoid paying child support.

A child born to an unmarried couple also deserves to receive child support. Unlike children born during a marriage, parents need to prove paternity for these children before obtaining child support. Through a paternity suit, our firm will assist you in proving the paternity of your child.

Circumstances may change following the final child support order. Children may need additional medical care or daycare. By proving that a substantial change in circumstance has occurred, you can successfully modify the level of child support obligations.

Child support attempts to provide a financially stable life for your children. It is not an option to support your children. To learn more about child support, contact an experienced lawyer at the Shimmell Law Offices for an initial consultation. We represent Western Michigan parents, including people in Grand Haven and Muskegon.