Pre-Nuptial and Marital Agreements

Agreements that define Your Rights and Obligations

Many spouses have concerns about their rights and obligations during and after a marriage. Marital and prenuptial agreements are tools couples use to clearly define these things. These contracts protect the pre-marital assets of a spouse at the end of a marriage. People draft a premarital agreement before they marry, and draft a marital property agreement, anytime during the marriage.

At the Shimmell Law Offices, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we draft both marital and prenuptial agreements for spouses seeking to protect their rights. For more information, contact lawyer Dennis Shimmell for an initial consultation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many people enter into marriage with significant assets. Maybe because they married later in life, or because this is their second marriage, these people want to protect their pre-marital assets. These agreements provide families with peace of mind if a marriage unexpectedly ends. You can also agree on alimony, and other issues that come up in a divorce.

Marital Agreements

You can agree on major issues in a divorce any time before the final divorce decree. Marital agreements can define what will happen to significant business assets, properties in a will or trust, or gifts acquired during the marriage. We will draft these agreements to expedite the divorce process.

At the Shimmell Law Offices, we focus on protecting your rights. Dennis Shimmell is an attorney who will assist you in protecting your property rights through negotiation or litigation. It is more helpful to resolve these issues early, than to wait for a marital dispute to occur.

To learn more about protecting your rights now through a marital or prenuptial agreement, contact us for an initial consultation. We represent people throughout Western Michigan, including people in Grand Haven and Muskegon.