Grand Rapids Domestic Violence Attorney

Any instance or allegation of domestic violence should be treated with great urgency by everyone involved. If you fear for your own safety or your children's well-being, contacting law enforcement is absolutely the right thing to do. If you have been accused of physical violence, making threats or other such acts, there is no time to lose in seeking counsel from an experienced lawyer.

Wide-Ranging Experience Handling Complex Family Law And Criminal Matters

Domestic assault and similar charges are treated very seriously under Michigan law. In addition to criminal penalties for conviction, you may be justifiably concerned about how your case will impact your employment, reputation and ability to see your children. The outcome of any current or future family law matter could well hang in the balance.

Attorney Dennis Shimmell has extensive experience handling the many aspects of domestic violence cases, including divorce, child custody and parenting time disputes intensified by allegations or domestic abuse. Our Grand Rapids area law firm is an excellent resource if:

  • You need to obtain a personal protection order (PPO) — sometimes called a restraining order — and may also need family law representation in your best interests
  • You have been accused of domestic violence and need skilled criminal defense, action to defend against or terminate a PPO, and overall protection of your rights

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At Shimmell Law Offices, we know that domestic violence is a grave social problem and a harsh reality faced by too many people in abusive relationships. We also recognize that some allegations are false or exaggerated, often with the intent of gaining an advantage in family law cases. You can count on prompt, personal attention and determined advocacy when you turn to our firm.

Fast action to get legal guidance you can trust can be crucial in any matter of domestic violence. To speak directly with a lawyer who has decades of experience in both family law and criminal defense, please call or email our offices as soon as you can.