Modification and Enforcement

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The end of your marriage may not mark the end of your relationship with your child's other parent. Although a divorce order is intended to be final and establish the terms of this relationship, circumstances can change. Following significant life events, terms that once made sense may no longer be reasonable.

At the Shimmell Law Offices, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we provide skilled representation for clients seeking to modify or enforce the terms of a divorce order. For more information regarding post judgment representation, contact us for a confidential consultation with an experienced family lawyer.

Attorney Helping Clients Seek Modification to Court Orders

If your circumstances have changed significantly, you may eligible for a modification of a court order. For example:

  • If you are the primary custodial parent and you are required to move for work, the court may consider a request to change your child custody and visitation arrangements.
  • If your child's other parent has obtained a big promotion and is making significantly more money, the court may consider a change to child support levels.
  • If there is evidence that your former spouse committed fraud or was not fully truthful when establishing alimony payments or dividing marital property, the court may modify the original order.

Although the divorce order is intended to be a final agreement, the court recognizes that life events can be unforeseen and unpredictable. For more information about modification of court orders, come to our offices.

Addressing Child Custody and Child Support Enforcement Matters

The final divorce order provides the terms of your ongoing relationship with your ex-spouse, addressing important issues such as child custody and child support. If your ex-spouse fails to abide by the terms of this order, you have legal recourse. We can help you pursue your legal claims and protect your rights.

When you come to our offices though, we will do more than just petition the court for enforcement. We will make sure that you truly understand your options and the effects of your actions. Although you legally may be able to petition the court to enforce an order, this may not be the most effective decision to get the results you want.

At the Shimmell Law Offices, we have been assisting people with the enforcement and modification of court orders since 1993. For more information about this process, contact us to schedule your confidential consultation. We represent people throughout Michigan, including people in Muskegon and Ottawa County.